Blog: Are the Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities Leaving You Feeling Scared?

Based on an analysis in 2015 of over 100 exploit kits (EKs) and known vulnerabilities, Adobe Flash was the unfortunate winner of the most frequently exploited product. Now that it’s 2017, companies are joking that maybe it’s time to give Flash the old heave ho’ to retirement. While Adobe has worked tirelessly to make Flash more secure, improving the decades old application is proving to be a grave task. In reality, security shouldn’t be joked about. While regular monthly and emergency zero-day

Blog: New Nation-State Threat Actor Revealed as Targeting Specific Individuals

Looks like it’s time to call in Gandalf and the hobbits for an adventure to Malware Earth. An extremely stealthy nation-state cyberespionage group, dubbed as Project Sauron, has recently been uncovered. Adeptly named, this ever-seeing information exfiltration malware has been spying on state organizations across the world for the past five years. Much like J. R. R. Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ main antagonist referenced in the source code, the group is fierce and highly sophisticated. Threat